Google Play Store rolls out a new interface without a hamburger menu

Google Play Store rolls out a new interface without a hamburger menu

A new version of the Google Play Store interface is being deployed on Android smartphones. This application changes access to the menu.

The Google Play Store regularly updates its interface to better highlight key elements of Google’s strategy. Last major update Dates till May 2019, With Google’s adoption of content theming and simplification of ergonomics. Nearly two years later, Google began rolling out a new version with significant changes, but still lighter than 2019.

A new user menu

As the new version launches, the Google Play Store warns you that the hamburger menu in the top left has simply disappeared. The icon has been replaced with a magnifying glass to better highlight the application store’s search engine.

To use all the management elements, you now have to press the icon of its user profile at the top right. It clearly remembers operating other applications in the Google ecosystem such as Gmail or Google photo.

Your applications, games, payment methods, notifications and offers are here now

This change of interface specifically allows Google to further develop a user’s profile and system of loyalty with play points. They allow access to credits in free-to-play games, thanks to its purchase in other games.

The architecture part of the application has also been modified. Payment and membership are now combined into one menu. The idea here is to simplify navigation in the Google Play Store, which became more complex over time.

The Google Play Store settings and search have also been modified. In the latter, if you are looking for an application that is popular enough, Google may offer it to you as a previously highlighted result, with the possibility of quickly installing it with one click.

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The new Google Play Store is being rolled out. The version shown here is 24.7.20-21. Here is how to install This new version.

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