Google presents ‘Pathway’, a new generation of artificial intelligence

Google presents 'Pathway', a new generation of artificial intelligence

NS advances They don’t stop at Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, there are algorithms behind many daily tasks. From taking a good picture with your mobile to asking for something from a virtual assistant. Google has been using it for over 20 years and is now ready to leverage all that experience in one architecture new generation called pathway.

Google started its journey with artificial intelligence in 2001. At that time, machine learning technology made it possible to provide accurate results even if users misspelled a search term. It was the starting point for launching almost all of its services and applications. But during this time the same training method was used.

For each problem encountered, for example, spam, a new model of artificial intelligence is trained from scratch. That is, instead of expanding on what was learned in the previous solutions, New very specific solutions have been created, which requires resources and time. Although it has been quite useful so far, it is not completely efficient and requires development.

Roads, ready for today’s challenges

Imagine if, every time you learned a new skill (for example, jumping rope), you forgot everything you learned (how to balance, how to jump, how to coordinate the movements of your hands). And start learning each new skill in ropes. Nothing,” exemplifies Google in the context of existing methods of training artificial intelligence.

Result of this? Thousands of wildly specialized models to solve problems. But it may end up with pathway architecture. It is capable of training”a single model for doing thousands or millions of things“Compared to today’s highly personalized approach. And since you don’t have to start from scratch every time, it will be much more efficient than the old methods.

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