Google shows off augmented reality glasses with simultaneous translation

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google i/o, developer conference Of Googleannounced several news stories this Wednesday (11), and by the end of the presentation it was revealed that The company is working on an augmented reality headset capable of translating languages ​​in real time Google Translator.

Looks like prototype has its roots in the dead google glassbut it is A much more minimalist design that actually looks like a regular glasses, Although not yet ready for the public, the device has been tested with the aim of facilitating real-time translation and transcription.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Glasses are intended to be a device where people can directly see a copy of other languages ​​in their field of vision, Apparently the idea is that augmented reality glasses are as simple as possible: showing the true meaning of the speaker’s language into their lenses.

Real-time transcription from English to SpanishSource: google/disclosure

more reach

The initiative should be beneficial for approx. Any user who is traveling to another country or even people with certain types of hearing impairment, Unfortunately, Google did not provide further details about the project.

However, if we consider that the company is investing heavily in chips focused on AI and machine learning, such as the Tensor processors that equip the Pixel 6 line, we can expect great integration with some of the company’s devices.

During Google I/O, Mountain View creator also announced expected pixel orTeaChieftainThe company’s first smartwatch.

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