Google will limit data sharing on Android devices Technology

Google will limit data sharing on Android devices  Technology

Google announced this Wednesday (16) that he intends to Limit data sharing with third parties in ads on your Android operating system. The issue is delicate, as it is directly related to the privacy of the users and, at the same time, the revenue of the company.

After complaints from users and threats from regulators to enforce tighter rules, the tech giant is under increasing pressure to balance privacy and targeted advertising.

However, companies are trying to maintain access to data critical to their billions of dollars in advertising revenue.

This is because a significant portion of the earnings of Google Related to the sale of targeted ads. In order for the advertising results to be more efficient, the company collects and shares a series of data on its users with third-party companies.

operating software Apple i do Google Most of the world runs on smartphones. Therefore, any changes to your policies could affect billions of users.

“Our goal (…) is to develop effective, privacy-enhancing advertising solutions so users know their information is secure and that developers and companies have the tools to succeed on mobile devices,” it said. Googlein a statement.

The company claims this is evidence of its privacy concerns, while its critics claim that the company may still continue with this screening.

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