Governor of Gharbia reveals details of editing of a report against a woman because of a WhatsApp message


Gharbia Governor Dr Tariq Rahmi said that several weeks ago, he had received several messages through his personal WhatsApp number, insulting his person and his description, and away from criticism and respect, through two numbers Whose owners were not known, which requires the statement of the competent authorities so that they can carry out their affairs in the previous weeks, which in turn investigated these numbers and took necessary legal measures.

and .هابت Garabiya Governor Citizens should seek accuracy and not fall for rumors that lead to confusion, and he said: Criticism is a guarantee of a right for all without humiliating, defaming and attacking private life.

The Gharbia Governorate witnessed a unique incident when Dr. Tariq Rahmi wrote complaint number 6039 for the year 2021, the administrator of the first section of Tanta accused a woman named “MSMA”, who lives in Ezbet Khadar in Mahala Centre. Due to which his own “WhatsApp” gets insulted and angry.

For his part, Representative Ahmed Bilal, a member of the House of Representatives of the city of Al-Mahalla al-Kubra, condemned the governor of Gharbiyya for taking legal action against a woman because of a disturbing WhatsApp message to the governor, he said. .

The deputy reported on his personal page that the police had detained the woman because of a message on “WhatsApp” to the governor of Gharbia, when he asked her to review his decisions, claiming that the message disturbed her. did.

For his part, MP Ahmed al-Berlusi confirmed that several citizens contacted him and informed him that a woman from Mahla in the first department of Tanta was detained after attacking the governor via a WhatsApp message. in which he was asked to review his decision. He tried to talk to the governor, but to no avail.

He confirmed that a delegation of the Freedom Committee of the Bar Association would participate as a volunteer with the lady of el-Mahalla, who was detained in the first section of al-Mahalla due to communications from the governor of Gharbia, Dr. Tariq Rahmi. . Commissioner of the Bar Association.

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