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Tom Joseph, the New Initiative Director of the Jane Deemed Tubi University, said graduation certificates with expiration dates should no longer be issued in a new era where job skills and abilities are changing. He was speaking on the topic ‘Online Challenges and the Future’ at the Texpectations Educate 2021 Online Digital Summit organized by Manorama Online.

Tom Joseph said the system takes time to renew degrees even after completing the course. Online education has opened up new possibilities for universities. This time we have a chance to do the course not only offline but also online. Digital or online learning has been here for a decade, but COVID has made it more popular. Tom Joseph said the transition to an online university was challenging but we were able to overcome those challenges and move forward with greater excellence.

The development of technology has transformed all fields including education. He had that development of Kovid in front of him, but new circumstances accelerated it. Tom Joseph said that the quality and access of education online is increasing and even those who have jobs cannot move forward in the new era if skills are not improved.

English Summary: Techspectations Educate 2021 – Tom Joseph – Director – New Initiatives – Jain (Deemed-to-Be University)

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