Grant gives Baggie a point

Brighton West Brom

Published date: Monday 26 October 2020 7:50

West Brom came from behind to claim a point in a 1-1 draw in a tough battle at Brighton.

West Brom’s Jake Livermore’s unfortunate goal gave the home side the lead in the first half but the Seagulls were unable to hold on.

The visitors came out strong in the second half, and were finally rewarded for their pressure in the 83rd minute when Carlan Grant scored his first goal for his new club.

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Seagulls boss Graham Potter stressed the need for improvement on the offensive front before the game, but again lacked a clinical edge in front of the goal.

They had plenty of chances to take the lead, but goalkeeper Sam Johnston was a match for them all, until Branislav Ivanovic’s attempted clearance hit Livermore and bounced back into the goal.

West Brom continued to wait for their first win of the season, and they struggled to make a chance on the South Coast.

Brighton goalkeeper Matt Ryan was forced to defend Philip Crovinovic early, but the Australian was involved.

The home team blocked the ball behind the net in the 15th minute when Adam Lalana’s high cross was dodged by Neil Moppe, but the assistant referee raised the offside flag.

The Seagulls had a good chance to take the lead in the 24th minute, only to be denied by Johnston in the 100th performance for West Brom.

Brighton were quickly broken by Leandro Trasard, who played the role of Lalana behind the rebel’s defense before the former Liverpool man shot himself instead of getting the ball to Moppa, but the Frenchman’s effort was thwarted by the goalkeeper. Saved by the leg.

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The Seagulls’ pressure came to a head in the 40th minute when Ivanovic allowed an attempt to return Livermore and the back of the net to give the home side the lead.

Brighton played well to create the chance, when Larna’s shot was blocked by Tariq Lampte before he picked up the ball and crossed the net where Ivanovic cleared the ball into Livermore’s head and the back of the net.

West Brom looked to climb to the first leg early in the second half, and Connor Gallagher blocked an attempt by the home defense shortly after the start.

Baggis continued to put pressure on the home defense as the second half went on, forcing Ryan to save another from Krovinovic.

Matthews Pereira had a good chance for the visitors in the 65th minute when he came on a ball from Connor Tassand, but he kept his full goal before Ryan had to land a strike from the next corner.

Pereira also came close in the 76th minute, the Brazilian sent the ball out of the box and his attempt went wide of the post.

West Brom’s pressure was finally paid off in the second half when Grant converted Ryan to a Call Robinson ball in the 83rd minute to ensure that Baggi Leave the south coast with a dot.

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