Graventa Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz Fights: ‘Tank’ vs. Violent Nokia of the Year

Graventa Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz Fights: 'Tank' vs. Violent Nokia of the Year

Often known as one of the rising stars of boxing and perhaps its most feared finisher, Garvonta “Tank” Davis followed his billing – and then some – with a violent knockout at the beginning of his pay-per-view title. Released on Saturday.

At just 25 p.m., Davis (24-0, 23 KO) made a viral highlight that is sure to be recognized as the best boxing match of 2020 as he defeated Leo Santa Cruz in Round 6 (37-2-1, 19). Co) cone and a close fight with a flushed left uppercut towards a finished chin that knocked the four-split champion out of his consciousness.

Referee Rafael Ramos immediately fought back without a fight as Santa Cruz fainted under the ring rope in the corner. The three judges gave it a 48-47 stop for Davis at 2:40 p.m.

“First of all, I want to say, I’m a pay-per-view star,” Davis said. Second, I’m not dodging anyone, “said Davis. “I’ll continue to show the world that I’m No. 1. I don’t need to call anyone out. I’m the top dog and everyone knows. Just set them up and I’ll knock them down.” , One by one. “

Davis of retired PPV and pound-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who serves as the jewel of the Mayweather promotion stable, pursued his mentor after Mayweather took the lead role in his first PPV against Arturo three years ago. Gatti in 2005.

Davis, who made his second defense of the WBA secondary title at lightweight, also won the Santa Cruz WBA at junior lightweight. Won the title because he weighed 130 pounds.

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“I can’t give a grade [my performance] “But once I go back and look at it, I’ll be able to tell,” Davis said.[Landing uppercuts] There was no key but I taped what he was bringing. I know he was a tall fighter and he was shattering and moving. So I threw the jab and then an upstart to try to run it into the shot.

“That’s why he was there. He’s a guy who punches but doesn’t try to get out of the way of his punches. I hurt him and I couldn’t go anywhere else.”

Santa Cruz, 32, has been playing since the start when he knocked Davis out with a jab and tied his opponent in a smart pair to take the lead in the first two rounds. But Davis was able to make the necessary changes and began to walk down Santa Cruz much more easily, targeting the body.

Despite showing signs of inflammation around his right eye, Davis was clearly slowing down Santa Cruz’s output as he dug hooks down. Yet regardless of which fighter was taking the lead, the pace remained at full speed, including a fun fourth round with interesting two-way action.

The difficulty for Santa Cruz, who fought just one fight at 130 pounds before facing a major puncture in Davis and was coming down in weight, was that the collection of electric shots began to take a toll. Not only did Davis score Santa Cruz between 97 and 84 overall, but according to Comp. Box, he combined an impressive 55% of his shots.

“Once we start fighting, you can see in the first round that I wasn’t really hot in the back,” Davis said. “I was still cold when I got out. He was trying to stop me and I just started following what he was doing.

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“He’s a tough fighter and a strong Mexican. He came to fight and he’s ready. It’s just that I was a better person tonight.”

Although Davis declined to be named after his victory, he remained the most marketable and mature of the young fighters gathered around the 135-pound division, most of whom believe the game’s future is in their hands. : Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia, Tufimo Lopez Jr. and Shakur Stevenson.

As far as the future could go, Davis said he plans to defend both titles in two weight divisions.

“I will keep both,” Davis said. Whatever decision my team comes up with, I will go with it, ”Davis said. “I’m not biting anyone and biting. As you know, there is no security on this globe.”

Davis vs. Santa Cruz card, results

  • Graventa Davis (C) Def. Sixth Round TKO by Leo Santa Cruz
  • Mario Barrios (C) D.F. Ryan Carl, sixth-round TKO
  • Regis Progress Def. Juan Heraldis wins third round TKO
  • Isaac Cruz D.F. Diego Magdaleno won the first round of the TKO.

Davis vs. Santa Cruz scorecard, live coverage









Santa Cruz








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