Green Bay Packers 1st, leading the Falcons 30-16

The Green Bay Packers led the Falcons 27-16 in 4 with a score of 1

The Atlanta Falcons have two of their top receivers available for Monday night’s game at Green Bay, while Packer Your top two will be without boundaries.

Atlanta’s Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley were active when they were listed as suspects. Jones missed a 30-26 loss to Chicago with a hamstring injury last week. Ridley is also dealing with a hamstring injury.

Green Bay’s Devant Adams will miss the second straight game with a hamstring injury. The Packers (4-0) will also not have Ellen Lazard, who hurt her core in a 37-30 win in New Orleans and was placed on injured reserve on Saturday.

Injured reserve position means Lazarus must lose at least three games.

Adams practiced on a limited basis all week.

Adams tweeted Monday morning that he was not playing and said: “I did everything I needed to do and I proved I was ready but I guess I don’t know my body and others.” Adams deleted the tweet about half an hour later.

Packer defender Kenny Clarke (Crane), outer linebacker Ration Gary (ankle) and finally Mercedes Lewis (knee) will also be missing. Other inactive packers include quarterback Jordan Love and defensive back Perry Nickerson.

Clarke is missing a third straight game. Packer Cornerback Jair Alexander (hand / knee) and center Corey Linsley (Green) are both active after being listed as suspects.

In addition to Adams or Lazard, the active broadcasters of Green Bay are Marquez Waldz-Scantling, Darius Shepherd, Malik Taylor and Reggie Bagelton. This does not include Tyler Irwin, a running back who can also play a wide receiver.

Shepherd, Taylor and Bagelton combined for a career NFL catch. Bagelton, who made 102 catches for the Canadian Football League’s Calgary Stampede last year, was dropped from the practice team on Monday.

Although the Falcons (0-4) receiving cores are healthier than Green Bay, they have many more injuries. They will miss kickers Yangho Ku (twins), Ricardon Allen (elbows) and Keenu Neil (hamstring) and defender Tak McKinley (Green). Other disqualified Atlanta players include offensive tackle John Vettel and defensive tackle Dedrin Senat.

The Falcons selected first-round draft pick AJ Terrell from the practice team to the elevated corridor as the Cokeid-19 from the practice team. He also raised safety Jamal Carter and kicker Elliott Fur from the practice team.

Fry your NFL debut. Ready to

The Packers first scored with a touchdown pass from QB Aaron Rogers to run back Aaron Jones. Crosby’s extra point was good, making it 7-0 with 10 minutes left in the first quarter.

The Falcons did not score until the second quarter when Atlanta extended the Packers’ lead to 7.3 with less than eight minutes to go in the first half.

A touchdown by Robert Tonian helped the Pankers extend their lead to 13-3, half time before Mason Crosby missed an extra point.

Robert Tonin did not make the second touchdown of the quarter, in which he caught Aaron Rogers’ pass. Mason Crosby’s extra point took the score to 20-3 with 46 seconds to go from halftime.

The Falcons made their first touchdown of the game in the third quarter, taking the score to 20-9 with 8 minutes left.

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Robert Tonian caught his third touchdown pass of the game with 5 minutes left to move to third. Crosby’s extra point was good, making the score 27-9.

Atlanta took a touch early in the fourth quarter to take the score to 27-16.

Mason Crosby scored from a 48-yard field goal to make it 30-16 in less than 6 minutes.

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