GTA 5 | Fan put 1000 mods and showed results on video!

A franquia GTA é das que mais modificações recebe dos fãs e com GTA 5 não é diferente, agora um fã afirma que colocou mais de 1000 mods.

Franchise Grand theft auto The one that gets the most revisions from fans Gta 5 This is no different, now a fan claimed to have over 1000 mods and showed the result in a video which was surprising.

You can check the video below and for the best experience It is best to watch video on a screen that supports 4K.

Check it out on YouTube: I installed 1,000+ GTA 5 modes and here is the result – better than GTA 6?

Although we don’t know if the manufacturer actually puts more than 1000 mods on their GRand theft auto 5The video is incredible, with many modifications that change the cars, places and even brands that we find on the streets Saint.

In short, among mods we know that Inter is used to REVO 2.0 He converts Saint In The angel more modern Quant V 3.0 next-gen graphics mod this is INTER Quant V reshaped preset That improve the graphics of the game Rockstar Games In general.

Earlier, this same fan and content creator had already shown How was it playing Gta 5 In 4K With Ray tracing Active using Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090.

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