GTA 6 in Vice City? Rockstar manager post gets attention

Imagem de: GTA 6 em Vice City? Publicação de gerente da Rockstar chama a atenção

Waiting for the release of the next film GTASeveral players spotted possible clues to the game in Instagram posts. A picture in Tales by Tony Masons, who is the soundtrack manager and music supervisor Rock Star, has led many to believe that the new title could also be set in Vice City.

A text from the Masons in a photo in Miami says, “Who said it would be cold.” What caught the attention of Reddit users in particular was the Rockstar Games branding in the image.

Without knowing more about the context of the publication, many considered it a sign that there are rumors that The new game will be set in Vice City are correct. Check out the publication below (which few people saw because Tony Masons’ Instagram profile is closed).

And those who argued that the photo was a sign were justified in saying that it’s not common for employees to sign company casual publications that have nothing to do with the job.

On the other hand, other Reddit users said that everything is just a Masons holiday and that the appointment was just to remind us of the iconic setting of one of the main franchises. Play Electronics of all time.

Apart from the hypothesis that the next GTA Will happen in Vice City too, others have also blown up its possibility GTA Vice City Remake.

So, what did you think of the image? Do you believe she could be a clue to something? Give your opinion in the comment section below!

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