GTA Online receives new DLC Los Santos tuners on the 20th; watch Trailer

GTA Online receives new DLC Los Santos tuners on the 20th;  watch Trailer

There comes the underground world of tuning in Velozes e Furiosos GTA

a next DLC of gta onlinehandjob Los Santos Tuners Arrives next Tuesday, July 20. This DLC will feature car tuning themed content such as new missions and races. Will also feature in additional LS Car MeetA place for tuning in, meeting fans and showing off your vehicles.

hey LS Car Meet is located in a graffiti warehouse in the neighborhood of cypress flat And it will be a social place to meet car-fan players, show off their tuned vehicles, and become more immersed in this car culture universe of games. My two cents on this: a sensational feature for a game so rich in automotive detail.

I drew my eye sharply and confused it with NFSU2. Source: Breeding / Rockstar

No LS Car Meet There is also a subscription service that costs GTA$50,000. The affiliated member will be able to access a large test track, which he and other players, such as his friends, will be able to ride freely, without interference from police and pedestrians. A great place for gearheads gta online, especially those who like to use their cars and just want to drive them without getting hit by a bazooka. It will also be possible to test vehicles from test ride which will be on free rotation on that track. Members will also be able to compete in prize ride challenges and gain access to shops and exclusive items.

Source: Breeding / Rockstar

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New races will be present in the DLC Los Santos Tuners, Not so much LS Car Meet How much of this In addition to allowing members to take private tests on the track, it will be possible to compete in head-to-head, scramble and time trial modes on the test track. In competitions, contact is disabled.

The DLC also brings two new race series for members: the Street Race Series and Pursuit. Street races are races held on the streets of Los Santos. The chase creates checkpoints throughout the map so players can think of different routes to get there. In a sprint race, those playing Need for Speed ​​2 will be homesick. These are races from point A to B in freemode, making LS Car Meet And going to other points on the map.

doing justice to the subject, Los Santos Tuners Will bring new vehicles into the game. There will be 17 new cars, ten of which are already available at the launch of the DLC.

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