Guardiola praises Ancelotti before the Champions League clash between Real Madrid and City – 03/05/2022

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MANCHESTER, United Kingdom, May 3, 2022 (AFP) – Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola expressed his admiration for Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti on Tuesday ahead of a decisive duel between the teams in the Champions League semi-finals in Europe.

Guardiola told a news outlet: “I have long admired his trajectory as a player and coach. He has been in great football nations, he has coached incredible teams, he has always done a good job and a lot. Got results with good football.” Conference about the Italian coach.

“He always knows what to do in the game and moreover, he is an extraordinary person,” said the City manager.

The English team reached the Santiago Bernabeu after winning the first leg 4–3 at home with the advantage of a tie, but Guardiola proved cautious.

“Having a great game and playing well in recent years helps, but doesn’t guarantee that we will do well tomorrow,” warned the Nationals captain.

“We will do our best to reach the final,” Guardiola said. “Every sport is different”.

“In this type of match, there are moments when the opponent dominates you, others when you dominate, moments with more control and others with more transition”, recalled the Spanish coach.

“We probably have to be even better, but we can play badly and win. Football is unpredictable,” he concluded.


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