Gugu Liberato’s son is living in the United States with a girlfriend and regrets that his father didn’t meet him – 11/27/2021

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27/11/2021 | 19:10

Joo Augusto’s libretto recently attended a Live with Geraldo Luis, and according to Xtra, he explained how things are going in his life.

Gugu’s eldest son is living in the United States with his girlfriend, and he is sorry that his father did not get a chance to meet him:

– I did not have the opportunity to show my girlfriend to my father. He has not met her, but we have been living together for a year. We met, spent a few months and decided to be together. It was love at first sight.

Furthermore, he thanked Dear for the support he has received in recent days, and explained how the process of transformation took place:

– After my father left, I moved to my apartment, started in college, and I was basically alone here, because my family is originally from Brazil. I thank my girlfriend for the one year and four months of company she is giving me during this difficult time. She keeps me company a lot. I’m here in the US, in my apartment, so it’s nice to have his company.

cute right?


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