How Britain is preparing to reopen

How Britain is preparing to reopen

On the following Monday (12/4), the United Kingdom will begin a new phase in the coronavirus pandemic. With about 70% of residents vaccinated – those who were vaccinated and those infected with Kovid-19 – the population under lockdown since January will eventually be able to go to beauty salons or drink beer outside the pub.

Among the countries most affected by coronovirus, the United Kingdom is preparing to open up the economy after a significant reduction in cases and deaths due to Kovid-19. As of last Wednesday (7/4), the country recorded 30 daily deaths and 2,762 new cases. For vaccination, already 60.4% of the population has received the first dose and about 11% has taken a booster. About 90% of the elderly over the age of 90 are already immunized.

The population of England, one of the countries that are part of the United Kingdom, will also be able to do two Kovid-19 tests per week, which is free of charge. As with PCR, you need to collect material from the throat or nose, and results are provided in 30 minutes.

However, although the number is optimistic, experts will monitor the restoration progress in detail. The concern is that the virus may return as people move between places where many vaccinations occur and others where it is not the reality.

It is not known how UK residents will act nor how the coronovirus will behave during the inauguration. The country is also aware of the emergence of new variants which can make it difficult to track new cases.

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Defense certificate

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of England, is studying the creation of an immune certificate for anyone who takes both doses of the vaccine or has cured Kovid-19 in recent months. The idea is that before entering big shows, night clubs or sporting events, the viewer must present a passport. It is being discussed to increase the need for those who frequent well as closed pubs, but this type of establishment should only be allowed in mid-May.

The measure is not being well considered, as the population and members of the British Parliament fear that a discriminatory environment will be created for those who cannot have documents.

International travel is also prohibited. Travelers wishing to enter the United Kingdom must complete a 14-day quarantine at a hotel.

The opinion of Claudio Mairovich, public health expert and former director of the National Health Monitoring Agency (ENVISA) on British rehabilitation is cautious. According to him, preliminary measures need to be defined and carefully monitored, as coronovirus is far from being controlled. “I can only imagine a safe opening after the introduction of vaccines that only apply to children and adolescents, because they are a huge contingent of people in whom the virus can continue to spread,” he explains.

Experts also recall that it is not known whether the vaccines prevent the coronavirus from being immunized. Without this information, even controlled events can be a risk for the spread of the disease. He said, I think anything can happen that is necessary for the development of the country and not necessary for the functioning of the country. I understand that music, sports competitions and religious programs should be canceled. ”

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Bubble between countries

Australia and New Zealand, two islands that have taken serious measures to restrict circulation on the border, have been relatively free of Kovid-19 for a few months.

In New Zealand, the salaries of Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, ministers and some civil servants have been cut by 20% in six months, with only essential services worked and intensive lockdowns done. The government helped the needy population financially and practically in the new Kovid-19 cases.

All this before the vaccine: mass vaccination should only begin in the second half of 2021.

In Australia, apart from monitoring border matters, no passenger or crew crew can land, the population is forced to wear masks, agglomeration is banned and the government regulates broadcasting in some locations Have used lockdown. With no recorded cases, life is already back to normal: In late March, 70,000 people watched a rugby game at the stadium, and there have been concerts with 13,000 people.

The two countries began last Tuesday (6/4), a bubble that allows nations to travel between countries without the need for quarantine or negative coronavirus examination. Until now, the permit was unilateral, with only Australia receiving passengers from New Zealand without protocol. According to the order, passengers must wear masks on the aircraft, and the air corridor will be halted in the event of further spread of the virus. Passengers from other countries still need to quarantine when they reach the country.

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