Hackers stole 6,000 crypto accounts from Coinbase Global

Hackers stole 6,000 crypto accounts from Coinbase Global

Although the hack took place between March and May 20 of this year, according to a copy of Letter published by the California Attorney General, Details made public in last hours, Detailed description financial Times.

Unauthorized third parties took advantage of a flaw in the company’s messaging account recovery process Access accounts and transfer funds cryptomonitors Not affiliated with Coinbase, the company was quoted as saying by that newspaper. (See all: The change that will come for employees in Colombia: will it apply to stagnant jobs?)

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A spokesperson for Coinbase told the newspaper, “We immediately corrected the failure and have worked with these customers to regain control of their accounts and reimburse them for the money they lost.”

NS hackers he would Know email addresses, passwords and phone numbers Affected Coinbase accounts are linked and have access to personal emails, the company added in that paper.

Coinbase says there is no evidence to suggest information was obtained from within Of the company

“Due to the size, scope and sophistication of the campaign, we are working with a variety of partners, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to understand the attack and develop mitigation techniques,” the company told the Financial Times.

Coinbase did not disclose how much was stolen under attack, but said customers would receive a refund for all lost money.

a more recent Website crashes due to attack on cryptocurrency bases Bank of America, which was out of reach, was blocking thousands of customers from accessing their accounts. According to Bank of America, the company’s online banking system was down, it noted. yahoo news.

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NS Bank Posting a message on their website saying they are investigating the matter, but Assuring customers that their accounts are secure, concluded that medium.

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