Harmony OS 2.0 was shown to be working compared to EMUI 11 based on Android 11

Harmony OS 2.0 was shown to be working compared to EMUI 11 based on Android 11

A video showcasing the functions of Harmony OS 2.0 was leaked on the network, and was also compared in terms of speed with EMUI 11

Harmony OS 2.0 began its journey of Huawei smartphones. At this stage, only as a beta version, but in early June the company plans to update its own operating system for this year’s and last year’s flagship. At this stage, Harmony OS is seen as a strange platform that has a common nature with Android as well as the company announcing that its Operating system is not a replacement for Green Robot.

Beta testers who agreed to learn Harmony OS 2.0 praised it and among the plotlines that they say are nimble, smooth animation, high image quality, low power consumption, and special effects in games Provides better processing of.

A tester leaked a four-minute video of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro with a performance of Harmony OS 2.0. The most notable changes are the Quick Settings panel and the Notification panel. The search engine in the smartphone is displayed in the top left corner, and a simple swipe down opens notifications anywhere on the screen.

Applications open quickly and it seems that the speed of doing these manipulations is better than other Android devices. But the voice-over said that at this stage, the work of standard applications is being performed, while everything with third parties may not be so lush.

Another interesting innovation is the ability to open a widget with various useful information by swiping on the application icon. Utilities that support this function can be identified by a horizontal line below the icon.

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Visually, Harmony OS 2.0 is very close to what we have seen in any EMUI 11 smartphone. The emphasis is on a beautiful and intuitive interface. To show that Harmony OS 2.0 speeds are based on the same EMUI 11 shell as best Android 11, A video with the performance of the work of both firms was leaked on the network.

Apps are slightly faster on phones that load EMUI 11 than HarmonyOS 2.0, but this may be due to network lag. It is also worth noting that the comparison is between Developer Beta 3 HarmonyOS 2.0 and the stable firmware EMUI 11, which can also leave its mark on software speed.

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