Harry justifies moving from UK to USA: “Toxic environment” – 02/27/2021

Harry justifies moving from UK to USA: "Toxic environment" - 02/27/2021
London, 26 February (EFE). – Prince Harry quit his job in the royal family because of the British press, calling it “toxic”, and admitted in an interview to a television program in the United States that media pressure was “destroying” it. mental health.

A week ago, Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson, his wife, along with American actress Meghan Markle, were breaking ties with the royal family, so they would no longer serve as royalty, and as a result, their Will lose sponsorship. , Such as his honorary positions in the rugby union and the armed forces.

Harry insisted that he did not “flee” from his country of origin, but took a “step back” to avoid the “difficult environment” that surrounded him, but said his life was of “public service” and Therefore, it will always be “contributed” from anywhere in the world.

“We all know what the British press likes and it was destroying my mental health, it was toxic. So I did what any husband and father would do: I have to get my family out of here,” Harry told Briton Explained to James. Corden on “The Late ‘Late Show” while traveling on a tour bus through the streets of Los Angeles (where he has lived since 2020).

Before moving to California, the couple had already demonstrated on several occasions that Markle, of African-American descent, was dissatisfied with the treatment given to them by the British Talloids. Harry and his wife sued one of them for violating their privacy by publishing excerpts from a letter to their father.

“To go out with me or any member of the royal family is to go crazy. Every meeting turns into dinner, watching TV or chatting at home,” he said.

Finally, he also admitted that he liked the description of his family made by the Netflix series “The Crown”, as “it is not intended to be news” and that he preferred to be played by red-haired actor Damien Lewis do.

“Of course, that’s not entirely correct, but it gives you a rough idea of ​​that lifestyle and what it can do,” Harry said, adding that he compared to reading “the stories he wrote” The series feels more “comfortable” to watch. , Your wife or your family.

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