‘Outpost’ Season 3 Episode 1: Garrett and Talon get their moment, fans say ‘this is all I ever wanted’

'Outpost' Season 3 Episode 1: Garrett and Talon get their moment, fans say 'this is all I ever wanted'

‘Outpost’ Season 3 Episode 1 is titled ‘For the Sins of Your Ancestors’

Garrett and Talon have a complicated relationship, to say the least. They first met when she was attacked by the Pluggings, just as she arrived at the outpost. Since the first season, the sexual tension between them has been a talking point among the fans who have rooted the pair. Despite the popular demand, the show’s producers kept the two separate. A lot has changed between them since those simple old days. After a long and difficult “will-not-they” fight, it looks like Talon and Garrett will finally do something about their romantic feelings. Fans have long wanted it. Now the question is whether the manufacturers want it.

In the premiere episode of Season 3 of The Watchtower, fans saw a glimpse of hope for Talon (Jessica Green) and her beloved Garrett (Jack Stormuen). Two kisses at last! And fans feel rewarded for their time. “I can’t believe I finally get a chance for Garrett and Talon. That’s all I ever wanted at #OutPost #Garnon,” tweeted an avid fan.

In the episode, Talon manages to save her from being hanged just by plotting to evict Queen Gwyneth (Imogen Waterhaus) from house arrest. The only way she could do that was to call Blackblood Prestige Yavala (J. Griffiths) to the outpost through the portal. As they both share the same pleasures and grievances, Garrett says, “Talon, you should hate everything we’ve gone through.” “I’ve tried to hate you, Garrett. I’m not very good at it,” says Talon.

Like the #Garon hashtag – a combination of their names Garrett and Talon – there was a flurry of CW show fans. “The omg that kisses #Garen makes so many feel. #The Outpost @ JackStormon @JesGreen2,” another fan tweeted.

After all the episodes that showed the two coming together and the producers leaving their union, fans were finally rewarded with it. “The chemistry between Talon and Garrett #[email protected] @JackStorMon #Garen, “said one fan. The credit goes to the talented actors Green and Stormoon. And many fans are happy that the relationship has kept them afloat all the time.” #The Outpost and #Garan are full of ships! “One fan tweeted.

‘Outpost’ airs on CW on Thursday 9/8.

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