Harvard University offers scholarships up to $70,000

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Harvard University in the United States opens applications for the program Academic Scholars, for researchers who are pursuing PhD, or doctorate, and starting post-doctoral. The program will provide a subsidy for “outstanding scholars” who conduct research on regional topics.

They may apply for professional fellowships in social science and law with projects on the history or culture of countries and regions outside the US and Canada. The program accepts students who are already studying or entering postdoctoral studies. Candidates with a doctoral degree must have completed the course after September 30, 2018. According to the university, project topics can “clarify domestic, comparative or international issues, past or present”.

What is included in the grant

The winners will receive a scholarship of US$ 35 thousand (R$ .) 179 thousand), for those who have not yet completed their doctorate, and US $ 70 thousand (R $ 358 thousand), for those who have completed it. In addition, they will receive travel and conference money, research grants, and two years of training at the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies. Mentorship is conducted at Harvard University by senior scholars, senior faculty members.

Four to six scholars are selected every year for the scholars of the Academy. The University advises that Fellows should ideally reside in the Cambridge or Boston area during appointments.

Documents required to apply are:

  • Cover letter briefly describing the candidate’s academic field, country or area of ​​expertise, and the proposed research topic;
  • Curriculum including list of publications;
  • Research proposal (maximum 2,500 words) including intellectual objectives and planned methodology and disciplinary work;
  • a copy of the doctoral program transcript;
  • Three letters of recommendation.
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All documents must be submitted by October 1.

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