Hateful Extended Gameplay Footage Released Online

Hateful Extended Gameplay Footage Released Online

If you are a fan of HR Ginger, an artist who has worked on many different mediums over the years, you are probably going to be intrigued by them. Scolded. This is an upcoming indie game that doesn’t offer much of a story. The game is designed to let players know that they are moving through the campaign. What we do know is that the players take on the role of a humanoid trapped in some kind of hell-like world filled with all kinds of ugly creatures.

Recently, Scolded Got a detailed gameplay trailer which you can watch below. It is approximately 13 minutes long and provides good mechanics and more importantly the atmosphere. It is designed to look like a world where everything is alive, not just in pain. With a world full of flesh, bones and steel, players will need to move around the area carefully because you can never be sure what is around the corner. The development team is also moving on the horrific path of old school survival where the focus is more on the world and what its inhabitants are instead of jumping in.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Although I’m not sure if there is a map or not, a good look at the gameplay offers a Metrodvania style setup. There are all sorts of corridors and rooms that either look locked or players need to find the essentials to gain access.

at present, Scolded The release date of the project is not yet known so we are not sure if it will hit the market before 2021 wrapping. However, we do know this Scolded Players will be able to enjoy both Xbox Series X / S with the PC platform.

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