He requested a loan of 69 million pesos in the US for “his company” and spent it on a letter from Pokémon. Technology

He requested a loan of 69 million pesos in the US for "his company" and spent it on a letter from Pokémon.  Technology

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The man, identified as Vinath Oudomasin, requested an “economic damage disaster loan” for his fake company, intended to spend money on a Pokémon collection letter worth approximately 47 million Chilean pesos.

A man from Georgia, United States was charged with fraud after spending most of his debt “Relief for Business” for covid-19 buy a pokemon card.

according to the information given by New York Post, the identity of the man. happened as Vinath Audomsin, from dublin, was gonna use Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) To cover business expenses.

This loan was born as a way to help small businesses during the pandemic so that they can cover expenses such as Payroll, Production Costs, Loans, or Rent.

However, after receiving 85 thousand dollars (about 69 million Chilean pesos), Oudomsine apparently used them to buy one of these collectible cards $57,789 (about 47 million Chilean pesos).

Officials told Oudomsine had falsely applied for the loan July 2020. In this request, the person shared that he had a company that was working from 2018 with 10 employees and with annual income of about $235 thousand.

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NS small business association Deposited a significant amount in a bank account belonging to Oudomsine in August 2020, according to a legal document from the authorities.

Months later, in January, prosecutors reported that the man may have used the money to purchase a collector’s card for the popular Pokémon game.

Officials did not provide further details about which letter the alleged Georgia businessman obtained, but did provide details about his case.

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reportedly facing Oudomsine 20 years in federal prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

It was also earlier this year that the federal government estimated that Small Business Administration (SBA) at least approved 3,000 EIDL loan For those who they didn’t deserve. For example in this case, companies that do not exist.

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