Heartstopper: 5 facts about Netflix’s LGBTQ+ success!

Heartstopper: 5 facts about Netflix’s LGBTQ+ success!
Heartstopper – Netflix

Redemption heart blocker, adaptation of comics Alice Osman, has come! The New Teen Romantic Drama LGBTQ+ available for broadcast NetflixAlready a hit among the audience.

heart blocker It has a huge worldwide following for the story between two young men. We follow fellow teen, Nick Nelson ( connor kit) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), who start a friendship that turns into something else.

If you are curious about the series from Netflix And want to impress your friends and colleagues with your knowledge, see the filming location heart blocker And these five fun facts about the show below!

Heartstopper filming location

according to what is in Netflix , the eight-episode show was filmed entirely in England. More specifically, scenes filmed inside and around herne baya coastal village in the district Canterbury in Kent, England, UKaccording to this imdb , Production took place at the end of April 2021 and continued till June 2021.

Fun Fact #1: Series Regulars Use Teen Actors

Heartstopper: 5 facts about Netflix's LGBTQ+ success!

according to an article Guardian choice of Kit Connor and Joe Locke Nick and Charlie were ideal for the roles, as producers wanted to “portray the teen experience more authentically”. it’s something like Alice Osman Also searched.

In short, it is common in series and film production for older actors to end up “posing as teenagers”.

Fun Fact #2: Heartstopper aims to be real

Heartstopper: 5 facts about Netflix's LGBTQ+ success!

Alice Osman revealed that he was inspired by his own life for the series.

,Often, for me, they are elements of my personal experience as a gay man.“, They said Alice In May 2021 interview.

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,a lot of heart blocker comes from my own life – I also went to an all-girls primary school, in a conservative town in the south east of England, and the world heart blocker And everyone in it is inspired by what my life was like there.,

Fun Fact #3: Heartstopper is in the Same Universe as Other Ellis Osman Novels

according to this Heartstopper WikiWebcomic Series Begins “About 8 Months Before Events” Solitaire (2015) , Also, it is “set in the same universe” as Radio Silence (2017), I Was Born for This (2018) and Loveless (2022).

Fun Fact #4: Alice Osman retained creative lead throughout the production of the show

Alice Wrote and produced eight episodes of heart blocker who got here Netflix With the help of this Friday (22) watch movies, According to a video interview with Yani Gavin Hetherington , the production company behind the series, impressed the writer, encouraging him to write the script. He said Gavin ,He asked me to try writing the first three episodes, as I’d never done a script before, and it could be a terrifying experience, so he’d have to find someone else, but luckily he really liked that. I wrote and I ended up writing everything.. what was better.,

Fun Fact #5: Heartstopper Defies LGBTQ+ Stereotypes

Heartstopper: 5 facts about Netflix's LGBTQ+ success!

As a result, in an interview in May 2019, Alice Osman Turns out he intentionally wanted to challenge stereotypes LGBTQ+ With his graphic novels, make an athletic teen character a part of the community.

,Di challenged The idea that sexuality is a determining factor in their appearance or interests, or vice versa. People can be complex and multifaceted“, They said Alice,

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