Here is the PC gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 compared to PS4 Pro

Here is the PC gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 compared to PS4 Pro

Gaming is not the same if people do not compare heads. So after a drop of PS4 Pro and PS5 gameplay this morning, a fan took it to pieces on their own. Cyberpunk 2077PS4 footage against PC.

The Footage, Which you can see below, compare offers like CD Project Red’s official gameplay trailers. It starts with the footage of Nomad’s Leafpath, and you can immediately tell the difference in resolution. The PS4 Pro footage – which was only 1080p since this morning – lacks immediate attention in detail.

Check the sharpness and clarity of this badge and hand, the one you see in seconds at the launch of Nomad Playthrough:

After a few seconds, when you’re looking at the engine and deciding to bypass the pair, it’s obviously different. very much. See details around the bus engine:

And when you get in the car yourself, the difference in the dashboard is like night and day.

To be clear: I think the PS4 Pro footage still looks really good. But it is clear that some drastic sacrifices were necessary, and I think you can probably expect the same tweaks in image quality when optimizing the PS5 / Xbox Series X version. Cyberpunk 2077 Drops next year.

Below you can see the whole fan cut. It only lasts a few minutes and does not include any footage of Night City. I think we will really start to see a lot of difference there with the density of NPC and the intensity of the city view and neon lights.

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It’s still a cracking looking game, but if you invented a new CPU and a fancy GPU capable of only real-time ray tracing. Cyberpunk … I imagine you’d probably enjoy watching this game.

15 days. It’s not too late to go now.

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