Here’s how you can see a ‘Christmas star’ in the night sky

Here’s how you can see a ‘Christmas star’ in the night sky

Unless you are in Antarctica or experiencing cloudy conditions, it will be much easier to see the combination of planet and Saturn on December 21st.

Scientifically NASA

Just remind me if your dad isn’t as obsessed with space as I am: on December 21st a rare bright phenomenon known as the Christmas star will appear in the night sky.

The star of wonder (ਓ, the star of the night) is not really a star. Instead, it is a phenomenon known as a great phenomenon, where Jupiter will make two bright spots in the sky on Saturday as well as cross one tenth of a degree. And with the advent of time, some are calling it the “Christmas Star” or even the “Star of Bethlehem”.

Biblical comparisons aside, it would also be the closest planet since they were seen in 1623. With a telescope or a small telescope, viewers may also be able to see the four moons of the planet. And NASA seems as excited about it as the rest of us are.

As part of the NASA Science Live series, astronomer Henry Throup enthusiastically shared his advice about seeing once in many lifetimes, saying he is excited that more people around the world will be able to see this glowing spot later this year. Will be

According to Throop, as long as you’re not in Antarctica or experiencing cloudy conditions, this phenomenon will be much easier to observe. The sun will set and after about 45 minutes the planets will be visible for about an hour.

Jupiter will look like a bright star in the sky. Saturn will be on the left and slightly higher. And my family and I will look like happy darks while enjoying our dad’s new binoculars.

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