Hollywood’s predictions about the 21st century are right (and wrong)

Hollywood's predictions about the 21st century are right (and wrong)

Although the man (or Elon Musk) hasn’t built an effective time machine yet, Hollywood Already some productions have ventured to foretell the future of humanity, in particular those Science fiction. Well, how can you not play fortune-telling when plotting the state of the Earth in 20 or 30 years, when you’re producing a movie in the distant future or some luxury dystopia, like story of maid? But it can certainly backfire when these “predictions” have an expiration date.

Movies made during the 1980s or 1990s, which depicted what life on Earth would be like from the 2000s onwards, were soon (re)discovered in the services. streaming became a new generation by and quickly memes on social media, either because of successes or – mainly – errors (bizarre, in some cases) that the studio tried to predict and predict when it came to the future.

Check out some cases below where Hollywood did well, and others didn’t so much when it comes to predicting how XXI century.

Remember that the 21st century is the period that corresponds to dates after January 1, 2001. In other words, only the submissions issued on dates prior to this time interval will be considered in the selection.

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