Homeless man finds mystery creature ‘as big as a Greggs coffee lid’ in the street

Homeless man finds mystery creature ‘as big as a Greggs coffee lid’ in the street

A baffled homeless man is calling on the general public to help him find out what an unusual creature he found on the pavement is.

Tony Porter found the strange looking insect on Saturday morning after bedding down for the night outside a shopping mall in Stretford.

The 26-year-old told the Manchester Evening News he initially thought the creature was fake, until he saw it was still alive on its ‘last legs’.

He said: “I found it this morning. I was walking up the street. I’ve called it Jeffrey the creature.”

“I thought bl**dy hell. I have never seen anything like that in our country. It was on its last legs. It was about to die.”

Do you know what this unusual insect is? Email [email protected]

Can you identify this insect?

Tony was mindful not to touch it directly as it could be poisonous, but scooped it up using a bottle.

The creature died shortly after he found it.

Tony caught the tram to Sale with Jeffrey and spoke to customers outside Aldi about the unusual insect hoping to solve the mystery.

“I have asked a few people what it is and not one person can tell me what it is. People said ‘it shouldn’t be in this country’,” he said.

Jeffrey placed the insect in a coffee cup he bought from Greggs

“Someone said it looks like an Egyptian beetle. I want someone to tell me what it is.”

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“It’s got different colours on it.”

He went to Greggs for his breakfast and then put Jeffrey on the cup’s lid.

“It is as big as a Greggs lid, that’s how big it is,” he said.

“If I collected beetles I would put it in a picture frame.”

During the phone call with the Manchester Evening News , Tony spoke to a passerby to ask what it was.

The person replied that they thought it was a ‘weird beetle’.

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