Hosts the Fernando de Noronha 3×3 Basketball Championship; sport is an olympic sport

Hosts the Fernando de Noronha 3x3 Basketball Championship;  sport is an olympic sport

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, in Pernambuco, will host the Pernambuco Basketball Championship in a 3×3 modality. This category was present at the Tokyo Olympics and is guaranteed at the next edition of the Games in France. The initiative is from the administration of Fernando de Noronha, in partnership with the Pernambuco Basketball Federation (FPB) and some of the tourism companies on the island.


The tournament will take place in the Escola Archipelago on February 22 and 23, and will involve 6 teams, made up of athletes living on the island. The stage is qualifying for the final stage of the state competition.

For the first time, the island hosts a stage of a team sports championship. The event, which opens the sporting calendar in the state, is supported by the Brazilian Basketball Confederation (CBB), in addition to being registered on the platform of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the sport’s apex body in the world. ,

The island’s administration’s sports manager, Felipe Oliveira, highlighted the importance of Noronha being part of the state’s sporting landscape. “Just as Noronha is a reference in surfing, basketball and other sports practiced on the island should occupy the reference places as well. In addition to promoting more events, it is important that Noronha’s athletes occupy prominent positions in the Games. Do it”, says Felipe.

According to Flavio Souza, one of the organizers of the championship, the event puts Noronha on the state’s sports map and can, in the future, train future athletes and offer new possibilities. “Undoubtedly, this tournament will give us visibility and open new horizons for our sport, which has long existed on the island, as well as encourage youth to practice sporting activity,” the organizer said.

special guest

The competition will also depend on the presence of guests who are part of the staff of the FPB and other entities. The event will have the following: President of the FPB, Claudio Monteiro; Vice President Carmen Heliani; athlete Tiago Santana, who is part of the Aurora Basketball (PE) team, the 2021 regional 3×3 basketball champion; and the Brazilian U15 national team coach and South American basketball champion, Carlos Oliveira, who is representing the CBB.

Basketball 3X3

3×3 basketball is a variation of traditional basketball. It appeared on the streets of many countries in the late 80s, especially in the United States. The category is considered the most popular urban sport in the world and began to gain greater visibility, especially after the Tokyo Olympics (Japan), when it became an Olympic sport. Despite the similarities, 3×3 basketball has different rules regarding what is usually played. For example, each team has 3 athletes and 1 reserve and the games are played on a half-court with one basket. Matches are of 10 minutes. Whoever gets 21 points first or the highest score after the time limit wins the game.

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