Hours after the initial revelation, GeoG reduced the scary game ‘Dedication’

Hours after the initial revelation, GeoG reduced the scary game ‘Dedication’

Hours after the announcement of its arrival on GOG, the online gaming platform has stopped the scary game. Devotion Arriving at the front of its store.

The game was famously taken later A Chinese meme found in a game that compared the country’s best leader to Winnie the Pooh. It was released on February 19, 2019 and brought down on February 26, seven days after the controversy.

Earlier today (December 16), GeoG announced that it would bring a scary game Devotion After nearly two years of sales, it went back to sales on December 18 through its platform.

Since then, GeoG has come forward to announce that the game will no longer be added to its storefront this weekend, citing the vague reason that after its initial revelation, Messages “are received.

See the full tweet below:

Despite the comments that the game platform received a lot of messages, the response to the announcement seems to be unanimously against the decision, with some citing the fact that the G.O.G. “We don’t want platforms from China”.

Others are demanding proof of “many messages.” As Twitter searches for GeoG account and game name Devotion Looks like no complaints from gamers.

It is unclear if the game will be removed before it is released by GeoG and there are no other release plans for the game at this time.

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The subsidiary CD Project Red is also owned by the GOGCD Project. There has been a recent fire since its release Cyberpunk 2077, Which is plagued by technical issues, forcing the developer to apologize for the inconvenience.

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