How and why to create a strong password for our Apple ID

How and why to create a strong password for our Apple ID

Our Apple ID is probably the most important account we have, which is more than a bank account? In a way, yes, because we definitely have that password access password stored in our Apple ID. Hence, It is most important to protect our account effectively And it all starts with choosing a good password, though more.

Our Apple ID contains a lot of information. Passwords of all services and websites that we use (which we can create using This shortcut), Notes, photos, health data, credit card information and a lengthy et cetera. It is therefore extremely important that we properly protect the account to ensure that we only have access to information.

Easy to remember password

A password must be strong, but it is also easy to remember. Right, we can use a Password manager, But since the Apple ID password gives us access to the password manager itself, it is necessary that we always remember this password at least.

The best recommendation for good security and easy-to-remember balance is to use long passwords, really long, 57 characters, not eight. And how do I create a password that way? Very simple: six random words. Let’s look at an example.

2Fly sunny iunnit rainbow sideways terrible!

This password consists of a number, a capital letter, and a symbol. These special characters are arranged in such a way that they are easy to remember and also easy to type. No numbers and letters are mixed between passwords Typing errors may occur, Intermediate words do not even have capital letters.

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No double-letter counting, which is optional, although recommended, We are talking about memorizing six words, All of them are separated by one place, words that will make sense for us as well, so it is a strong password that is easy to remember. We have already met one of two objectives.

A strong password, very secure

Jason Dent 3wpjxh Pirav Unsplash

For security, the thing is most interesting. This is a 57 character password. According to some calculations, breaking such a password requires 309x10E180 years. In other words, Many, many, many times the age of the universe. Sure with a quantum computer… it can happen, but we must have changed the password first.

Let’s see the password We mix some languages, Even if it’s a bit much. Also note the double letters in the words “Eunit” (Egyptian goddess) and “influential”. Finally, we’ve added some special characters, something that improves password protection, without misuse.

Including many experts Flights, Agree that passwords generated in this way are effectively secure, but also Password is not the only thing that protects our account.

Good practices, both by Apple and us

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A strong password is not synonymous with a secure account. There are more issues to consider. First and foremost is Do not tell the password to anyone, do not use it for any other service, do not write it in any note, any piece of paperLet’s just remember it and nothing else.

The second is the importance of two-factor authentication which A code has to be generated on one of our devices to gain access Into account. This greatly increases the possibility that a stranger, even if they know someone’s password, will not be able to access the account.

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Finally, there are invisible protections that make access to an Apple ID virtually impossible. for example Restrict login attempts. We cannot randomly try passwords until we find a good one, so the vast majority of attacks, whether brute force or dictionary, are impossible.

Consider SAW, a password of six words, easy to remember, with a few numbers and a capital letter at the beginning is actually a very, very secure password. For most of us, four words will, in fact, suffice, using six we ensure a password that is protected from everything. Of course, once manufactured, be sure to take care of it, never reveal it in any sense, and use it in combination with our Apple ID’s other security services.

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