How are tracking smartphone apps that are tracking you: Go to phone settings and change now

How are tracking smartphone apps that are tracking you: Go to phone settings and change now
new Delhi: The two softwares are popular worldwide. One includes Android and the other iOS. Considering security, Android is slightly less expensive than iOS. Because, it is prone to hacking. We often download applications from the Google Play Store on Android platforms that you do not know enough about.

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Where do these apps come from? How long have they been here How much will you benefit from it? At that time we allow such apps to be installed. It asks for permission to access your location, photos and videos. This allows the app to gain a lot of control over your mobile. So you don’t know which app is on your phone.

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Know which apps are tracking you

>> First, you need to know which apps you have allowed. For this follow these steps.

>> for this you have to go to the settings of the phone. Scroll down. Here you will get the option of apps. Tap on it.

>> Now you will see all the apps in your phone here. Now when you tap on any app, you will get many options. One of these will be allowed.

>> Here you will know which app you have chosen. What permission is that app given? If you want to revoke this permission, click on it. Also tap on Deny. You can cancel the permission of the apps as per your requirement.

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Change location settings
>> Since the location is on, apps know where your real time is. The method to close it is also simple.

>> For this, first turn on the main screen of your phone. Scroll down the screen. Long tap on the location.

>> Now in the screen that opens, you tap on App Permission. At this point you can see which app is always used. Now click on it. You can close the location.

>> There will also be some apps that are used. Using the space at that time. You can close the location at this time.

>> then go back again. Below this location you will see Google Location History under Location Services. Tap on it.

>> again you have to select Gmail account. In this, you select your account.

>> You can delete location history here. This means that Google can no longer save your location. Now you can go anywhere. Google will not need to know about it.

>> On closing it a pop up will appear. In which you will be told about the loss related to location off. Read it properly and tap on Agri.

>> If you want to delete the location history of the device, then you have to tap on delete location history under location history. Each Google Account history needs to be deleted separately.

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