How do private likes work on Instagram Stories?

How do private likes work on Instagram Stories?

Instagram, the photo and video social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg, is heralding a new form of conversation. intends to provide personal likes on instagram storiesSo that users can like a post without sending a direct message (DM).

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personal likes on instagram stories

Until then, Instagram users have two options for interacting with Stories: Reply or React. In responses, there are eight choices of emotions. In this sense, the person posting the story and the person sketching the response keeps a record of this conversation in the Direct Messages section.

With private likes in stories, it will be possible to like a post (as is done in feed), but this activity will not be recorded in DMs. Plus, it’s a new way to measure engagement with Stories, just like it does with Posts.

The feature was announced by Instagram head Adam Mosseri via a video posted on his Twitter, where the Like button for Stories is shown to be located between a paper plane for direct messages and the space for typing these messages. has gone.

Who can see Likes?

Unlike likes on feed posts, story likes won’t be public, regardless of the user’s choice. In addition, there will be no public enumeration of them. So, only the content creator will know who likes your story, and of course, if you like something.

Instagram aims to improve the messaging experience

The Private Likes feature in Stories is part of Instagram’s measures to improve the messaging experience on the platform. Thus, Mosseri announced in December last year that the social network would focus on Messages and should work to improve the transparency of the app.

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New tools to make it easier to delete Instagram content

Instagram released a set of new features earlier this month that aim to make it easier to delete posts, comments and other types of activity done on the app. With it, users can store or delete content in bulk like IGTV, comments, likes, etc.

In addition, the network has some experiments aimed at innovation such as the possibility of shifting the way posts are displayed on the profile. According to Mosseri, Instagram’s changes this year are aimed at keeping the network competitive.

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