how is the movie and what time does it open

how is the movie and what time does it open

End! An absolute audience hit on Netflix, “Ae Baraka Do Beijo” will conclude its saga tomorrow (11th) with the premiere of the last film of the teen trilogy, at 4 am.

At a very fast pace in its first act and repetitive in the second, the third feature tries to replay the other two. And even worse: It seems like wanting to embrace all the issues about a teenager going to college in less than two hours.

difficult task!


  • actors live in tune
  • beautiful california scenery
  • “Afternoon Session” Style Comedy

negative marks

  • Joy King’s “Lace” (It’s a Wig!)
  • repeated stories
  • Fast-paced and confusing script

Let’s be fair! You Dilemmas left over from the previous film Solving in “Kiss Shack 3”. All of them. But a film can tell a lot in a short amount of time. And, aside from the college issue (Harvard or Berkeley? Under pressure, Elle does in the beginning), the so-called summer ruins a lot of the plot with the activity list that best friends, Elle (Joey King) and Lee (Joy King) Joel Courtney), meet at the Beach House.

For those who have already read the books that led to the film, the conclusion is a salad that mixes between the original and derivatives of the short story “A Casa da Praia” (2018) and a short fragment of each book. And the third book? Writer Beth Rickles will release the Netflix film this Wednesday (11) with a pitch from the master, commercially speaking.

Upon returning to the film, our hero’s head is disturbed. And, objectively (or not), the script matches his mental state. From the beginning to the middle of the film, there are a lot of scenes, a lot of locations, a lot of activities. Sometimes, the movie gets really fast and the subtitles help with the context. It also feels like we’re in a video game rushing to cross the stage and face the boss right away.

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Elle and Noah - Marcos Cruz/Netflix - Marcos Cruz/Netflix

Eli (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elordi) in ‘The Kissing Booth 3’

Image: Marcos Cruz / Netflix

In the second part it calms down, but it goes back to the same dilemma we’ve seen before. What is more value? Friendship with Lee or Dating Noah (Jacob Elordi)? Out of nowhere, the handsome Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez) reappears and shakes the heart of Elle, who is maintaining a steady relationship with Noah. He has to fight not to surrender to X-Crush. We’ve seen it before.

If I may go back to age 17 and give Elle some advice: keep them both! Well, it would be surprising to meet Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), the funniest protagonist of “You Never” (also from Netflix), along with the romantic girl from “Ae Baraka Do Bejo”. Anyone who has seen the second season of the series will understand. You only experience adolescence once, and how many mouth kisses you have should certainly not be the problem, but the solution to other dramas.

Despite the movie’s messiness, “Ae Baraka Do Bejo” ends with a happy ending (of course!). It takes Elle six years to learn it, but she learns. Be a part of it!

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