How to Find Ideal Mobile App Development Company in 2022

For many businesses, engaging the mobile audience is absolutely vital, as consumers prefer browsing on the go. A sleek app for Android, iOS or both can drive sales and brand awareness to give your business a competitive edge. Developing mobile software in-house is the most expensive approach. It is much easier to outsource this work, but where and how to find a trustworthy provider?

For example, here, the outsourcing software development company demonstrates what local providers are capable of in Android app development.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing gives instant access to the best talent at lower cost. In Ukraine, IT is the most popular employment segment, with over 20,000 graduates annually. The hourly rates are much lower than in the West, while the quality of services is impressive. Not only do tech giants like Microsoft or Samsung keep their research and development centers here — over 100 businesses from Fortune 500 have outsourced software development to this country.

Ukraine has a robust fintech sector, and local developers are passionate about emerging technologies like big data, AI, and blockchain. The majority of IT services are delivered abroad, and this segment is growing by 20% every year. Some of the benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine include:

  • Highly qualified professionals
  • Flexible approach to development
  • Relatively low cost
  • Convenient working hours for clients in Europe and North America (GMT+2)
  • High work motivation
  • English fluency (85% of specialists are on intermediate, upper-intermediate, or advanced level)
  • Western mindset

Ukrainians are known for their easy-going nature, but they are also famous for their ability to develop unique and creative applications. Ukraine is home to such giants as Grammarly, which is now valued at over $13 bln and GitLab, which is valued at $14.9 bln.

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6 Factors to Consider

How to find a company that is equipped to deliver a project as per your requirements on time? The best providers have a flexible and customer-oriented approach with iterative testing. They can provide a dedicated team or let you augment in-house staff by hiring professionals individually. To find a company with extensive experience and access to the latest technologies, do the following:

1.   Make a List

You can find reputable companies in Ukraine through references, online search, or social media. Note that even though the salaries of developers in Ukraine are much lower than in Western countries, different providers will offer different estimates after looking at your project requirements and industry.

2.   Search for a Good Portfolio

A portfolio does not show all projects a company has dealt with, only the biggest and most impressive ones. Ask the candidates if they have worked with similar projects in the past. Their achievements provide a glimpse into their experience and skill set.

3.   Search Happy Clients

It is perfectly acceptable to request a client contact list. Reach out to companies that have outsourced to the firm before, and ask for their honest opinions. Testimonials are important, but you cannot always rely on the feedback shared by software developers themselves.

4.   Transparency

Pay attention to the internal development cycle, transparency policy, feedback loop, and speed of response to error and change requests. Agile is the preferred methodology, as it is based on collaboration, iterations, and customer input. This approach facilitates faster development and transparent communication. Make sure you will get regular status reports daily or weekly.

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5.   Budget-Friendly Company

Outsourcing to Ukraine is cheaper than developing software in the West. Yet, if the company is too quick to come up with an attractive estimate, this raises suspicion. Following an in-depth analysis of your requirements, audience, and industry, a trusted provider will come up with a reasonable figure considering the complexity and desired timescale.

6.   Maintenance and Support

Your cooperation with the team will not end upon project completion. Look for a company that provides maintenance and support for a few weeks or months after deployment. You may run into issues requiring urgent solutions. A trusted provider will have no problem signing a long-term agreement for support and maintenance.

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