How to Find Music by Voice on Android Phone and iPhone (iOS) | productivity

How to Find Music by Voice on Android Phone and iPhone (iOS) |  productivity

On both platforms, the system recognizes both songs that are playing in the environment and those being played on the smartphone itself – for example in a streaming, video or social media post. Here’s how to find the name of a song on your cell phone.

There’s an app for discovering Shazam music that’s already installed on the iPhone – Photo: Helito Begiora / Techtudo

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How to search for music by voice with the Google Assistant

Phase 1. Open Google Assistant and say “What’s the song?”. You can also type expressions on the keyboard;

Google Assistant has command to find songs being played in the environment – Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 2. Google Assistant will start listening to the song to recognize it. Then, see the result on the screen with the name of the song and artist. In some cases, the Google Assistant may also show song lyrics.

Google Assistant reveals song name, artist and lyrics – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandes

How to Find Music on iPhone

iPhone users can add Shazam shortcuts to Control Center to make it easier to identify songs — Photo: Playback/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 2. Look at the result found on the screen, displayed in a balloon suspended at the top of the screen, displaying the name and artist of the song. If you want, swipe the balloon down to see the album cover and shortcut to play the song Apple Music.

iPhone shows song name and artist, and provides shortcuts to listen to tracks in Apple Music — Photo: Playback/Rodrigo Fernandes

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