How to fix the Madden 21 sign-in issue

How to fix the Madden 21 sign-in issue

Millions of Madden 21 fans are getting involved in the issue of signing up for the game on Friday. EA is aware of the issue and says it is working on an emergency patch to rectify the issue.

However, they have also released A work For this annoying problem that can be used on every platform. This is equivalent to uninstalling and reinstalling the game on your system.

Xbox One

  • Close the Madden NFL 21 application from the Xbox One Dashboard
  • Select Options> Manage Games and Addons for Madden
  • Go to “Saved Data”
  • Go to “Reserved Space”
  • The file should be approximately 4 GB
  • Select options for that file
  • Choose a clear reservation
  • Confirm the action by selecting Clear Reserved Space
  • Restart your Xbox One
  • Turn on the Madden NFL 21


  • Close the Madden NFL 21 application
  • Choose the option on Madden NFL 21
  • Go to “Delete”
  • Confirm removal
  • Insert your Madden NFL 21 disc, and reinstall the game from the PlayStation Store or purchased digitally.
  • Maiden set up NFL 21
  • Once fully updated, launch the Madden NFL 21


  • Close the Madden NFL 21 application
  • Wait for it to close completely
  • Navigate to this file directory
  • C: ProgramData FrostByte Madden NFL 21 LCU
  • Delete the LCU folder
  • Right-click on the folder and select Delete
  • Restart your system
  • Turn on the Madden NFL 21

Meanwhile, Madden fans are eagerly awaiting the information related to the first piece of the franchise mode update that will come out this month.

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