How to Grow Cloves: See how easy it is to follow these steps

How to Grow Cloves: See how easy it is to follow these steps

Today, January 8th, Casa e Agro, from the Technonoticious website, will teach you how to grow a plant that is of great importance in cooking, cloves, After all, this fruit has great importance in the whole world. In addition, it is a very beautiful tree and grows a lot. So it will be very interesting to have it in your garden.

besides everything, cloves It contains vitamins A, C, E and K. Similarly, it is rich in many mineral salts like calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and sodium. This vegetable is still used as a source of income in some states of the country. Today, you’ll learn step by step how to grow this prized herb.

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how to plant cloves

To plant, you will need a lot of attention and care. In this way, you will have a beautiful and well-groomed plant. Therefore, knowing where to buy seeds and having well prepared land will go a long way in growth.

How to Grow Cloves (Canva Pro Breeding)

seed preparation

First, for the sowing process, look for a place with low light or use an auxiliary device that works to reduce the sun’s rays. Thus, the chances of successful germination will be very high.

Immediately after this, bury them in a layer of well fertilized earth about 2 cm deep. Now, water them at least twice a day, using a can containing water. This will prevent it from over-soaking the soil. This way, the buds will start to sprout and the first leaves will appear in about 15 days.

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fixed planting

To accomplish this task, you will need to plant the seedling directly in the ground. But before that, the sprouts must remain inside the bag for at least 10 months to develop well. However, the land should be very smooth and fertile. In this way, there will be healthy growth of cloves.

It is noteworthy that this tree has a considerable height, which reaches 15 meters. Knowing this, try to correct the hole by leaving it too deep in the ground and looking for a spot that has room for it to grow. your tree like this cloves It will take root more firmly and will have enough strength for a long time. After all, this plant can live up to 100 years and always gives a lot of fruits.

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