How to know if the person has disabled WhatsApp? See Tips to find out. Social Networks

How to know if the person has disabled WhatsApp?  See Tips to find out.  Social Networks

disable WhatsApp It is possible in a simple way: just uninstall app of cell phone Android I iPhone (iOSThis way, users stop receiving and sending messages, but, unlike when someone deletes their WhatsApp account, usage data and conversation history are still saved in Messenger and if they use the application again. If so, they can be recovered.

In the list below, takeaway It brings some useful tips to identify if a contact has disabled WhatsApp. Also, check out the Difference Between Delete and Disabling WhatsApp Account.

How to know if person has deleted WhatsApp number? There are four tips on the list – Photo: Anna Kellen Bull/Techtudo

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How to Disable WhatsApp?

Deactivating and deleting a WhatsApp account are different actions. By disabling Messenger, the user simply uninstalls the mobile app – which can be useful for those who want to stay away from the app but still keep their message history. In this case, the account remains registered on Messenger, but it is not possible to receive and send messages or make calls. By reinstalling the app, you can recover messages and media exchanged by the platform without too many problems.

Uninstalling the app disables the WhatsApp account, but saves data – Photo: Rubens Achilles/Techtudo

It is worth mentioning that, if the user chooses to disable Messenger and uninstall the mobile app, they should also be aware of the downtime on WhatsApp. As a security measure, the app can erase account information that has been inactive for more than 45 days and which has been accessed on other devices. The company explains that this is to avoid potential confusion that can arise from the recycling of numbers, which is common among telephone companies.

How to know if the person has disabled WhatsApp?

A few clues may be enough to identify whether a person has deleted or disabled their personal WhatsApp account. bottom takeaway explains each of them.

When sending a message on WhatsApp, it is possible to know when the message was delivered, received and read through the “tick” that appears in the chat. This can serve as a tip to find out if the person has deactivated the account, while uninstalling the application, it is not possible to receive or view messages even though the number is available on WhatsApp.

When a contact deactivates WhatsApp, messages don’t arrive – Photo: Anna Kellen Bull / Techtudo

2. Profile picture still visible

When their account is deleted from Messenger, the contact’s profile picture is no longer visible, as all their data is deleted. In case of deactivating WhatsApp, the profile picture is still available to the contacts.

Remember it also depends on Privacy settings. If the user has set WhatsApp to prevent everyone or people outside the contact list from seeing the profile picture, the default WhatsApp image will appear.

Disabling WhatsApp doesn’t delete the account, so the photo is still visible for privacy – Photo: Ana Marques/Techtudo

3. The last visa is out of date

Another trick to find out if a contact has disabled WhatsApp is to do a final check on your visa. Although the status can be hidden in Messenger settings, it will remain visible if the contact’s app is activated before uninstallation. Thus, if the last visa is out of date, it is possible that the contact has uninstalled the mobile app.

The “last seen” symbol in WhastApp can report that the account has been deactivated – Photo: Luciana Malin/Techtudo

4. Contact Person

It is also possible to contact the user via Telegram – Photo: Anna Kellen Bull / Techtudo

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