How to know the origin of battery?

When it comes to batteries, not all Tesla Model 3s are in the same boat. Fortunately, there is an easy way to find your way.

Since its arrival in France in 2019, the Tesla Model 3 has already been developed several times. With increasing autonomy, production in 2 countries and Even a restyling, How to navigate?

If you want to know the exact version of your Model 3, the easiest way is Consult vehicle registration certificate. It is the owner and publisher of Thomas, BlogTesla, Which manifests it in a practical way under the name “Tomogo” On our platform. Four “D2” codes give you the type of your Tesla Model 3.

This is particularly useful information, especially for the Standard Plus version that exists in 4 different configurations, including an assembly in China. We summarize the details below:

  • E1r : This first model 3 2019 has come from USA. They have batteries Panasonic “2170” Sale.
  • E1R / E1CR 2020 : The sedan is equipped with new 2170C cells, which reduces fuel consumption.
  • E6r : This version comes directly from Tesla’s Chinese factory. Its LFP batteries come from a local supplier, CATL. The capacity of 55.1 kWh is slightly higher than the first two versions, giving a theoretical range of 40 km.
  • E1LR : In 2021, batteries manufactured in the United States evolved into a restricted version of the “2170L”. The Tesla Model 3 has a capacity of 55 kWh and offers a range of 448 km.

Battery Tesla Model 3 Standard Range 2019-2021

These codes also differ for long range and performance models.. Based on the copy, the battery is from Panasonic and LG Chem. If the autonomy is the same, then the charging speed varies according to the version. Here is a summary with illustration Tomago Which predicts the arrival of the “Grand Autonomy Plus” version:

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Battery Tesla Model 3 Grand Autonomy Performance 2021

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