How to pass screenshot from console to app

How to pass screenshot from console to app

If you’re the type of gamer who likes to share gameplay footage on social networks, access the screenshots of PS5 On PS app would be extremely useful. Today’s good news is this: Sony is already implementing the functionality into the app in the US and Japan — yes, that includes Brazil.

Thinking about preparing the public the company has already provided support page With step-by-step instructions and some explanation of how the pictures and videos will appear on your smartphone screen. First, you need to enable media upload in your console:

  • As soon as we open the screenshot gallery, a notification is showing, but if it is not visible to you, just follow the steps below.
(Source: MayUPS/Jean Azevedo)
  • Reach Adjustmentgo for Capture and Transmissionthen open options catch, There, you can enable automatic uploads, which will make all your media appear on your mobile device’s apps;
PS5 Captures in PS App - Menu
(Source: MayUPS/Jean Azevedo)
  • In the PS app, go to Library, then Capture and activate the option to display PS5 captures in the PS app;
Capture in PS App
Go to Enable (Source: MeuPS/Tatiane Inês)
  • Now, just connect your PS5 with the PS app. According to PlayStation, for this to happen automatically, it is necessary to leave the game in rest mode with the “Stay connected to the Internet” setting turned on;

After completing the above steps, your media library will send something PS5 screenshot in PS app. Why won’t they all be visible? this is easy. They need to comply with certain requirements:

  • Game videos less than three minutes long that are not 4K.
  • Screenshots taken from the Create menu or Create button shortcut.
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Points to note: photos and videos Will be available for a period of 14 days only in app. While there, you can send them to friends and parties on PSN, save them to your smartphone, or post them to your social networks.

PS5 capture working PS app in practice

team of mayuplastation Already tested how PS5 works in PS app. Sony doesn’t directly cite this, but we do have two important observations:

  • Only in-game captures can be shared with the app. For example, it is not possible to send screenshots of the System and Settings screen;
Capture on PS5 PS App - b4b
(Source: MayUPS/Tatiane Innes)
  • Media in the PS app is marked with a symbol in the console’s media library, indicating which ones have already been uploaded to the smartphone;
PS5 and PS App
(Source: MeuPS/Tatiane Inês)

Have you ever tried it there? Share your experiences with us!

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