How to properly clean iPhone and iPad

How to properly clean iPhone and iPad

keep your iPhone where ipad Clean, in addition to improving usability on the device’s touch screen, is essentially linked to your own hygiene, and can help prevent diseases, as these are devices we carry with us everywhere.

How to properly clean iPhone and iPad

Naturally, you need to follow some precautions so as not to damage or cause any possible scratches on the casing of your device, whether on the screen or on the back. Because of this, it is highly recommended to prefer the use of microfiber cloths instead of normal fabrics.

different cleaning materials

Set aside two microfiber cloths, one slightly damp and the other dry, to clean your device.

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Set aside two microfiber cloths to properly clean your iPhone or iPad. (Lucas Wetten/Canaltec)

Wipe your device with a damp cloth

Wipe a slightly damp cloth around your device: This includes the notch – the upper area where the front camera is located – the camera lens on the back of the device, and the area under the device where dust and other types of dirt can accumulate for audio and sound inputs. and output.

Wipe the damp cloth around your device. (Lucas Wetten/Canaltec)

i wipe your device dry

Finally, pass a dry cloth around your device to dry and presto, your iPhone or iPad will be properly cleaned.

Wipe the dry cloth around your device. (Lucas Wetten/Canaltec)

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