how to recover deleted messages from facebook messenger

how to recover deleted messages from facebook messenger

Courier (Android | iOS | Web) allows you to recover deleted messages. But those who think that this work is easy, they are wrong. In some cases, the only way is to ask Facebook A copy of the entire material. In this tutorial learn how to recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger. Note: If you are a snapchat user, you can recover deleted Snapchat memories, friends, photos, stories, chats, locations, and all other data back within 30 days which were initially lost when the account was deactivated/deleted.

in addition to previously known backup Since our cell phones save a good portion of what we do on their devices, Facebook Messenger has some solutions to prevent messages from being deleted permanently. These include options for archived items or notifications sent via email.

how to recover deleted messages from facebook messenger

Access your archived conversations on Messenger

By default, Facebook Messenger doesn’t delete the conversation immediately. Instead, the platform offers you the option to store that content. So you can watch it whenever you want, without cluttering the main interface of the service.

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Keep this point in mind: Archived messages remain hidden in your inbox until the next time you talk to that person.

The process can be done either in the web version of Messenger or in the app for Android and iOS phones. In this example, we are using the browser version.

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All you have to do is access log in with your account on the website Click on the icon with the three dots in the upper left corner and go to “Archived conversations”. Your personal and group messages are stored in this section.

Sometimes you may have accidentally archived a conversation and thought it was deleted. Therefore, it is worth checking the Archived Items section in Messenger (Screenshot: Cayo Carvalho / Canaltec)

Check for new chat requests in Messenger

If you and the other person haven’t been added as friends on Facebook, or have chatted via Messenger before, it’s worth checking the “Message requests” section. This is where everyone’s conversations with people who aren’t in your Facebook contacts happen.

In this case, technically, the messages themselves are not deleted, but rather “hidden” from the Messenger inbox, so the conversation can go unnoticed.

To use the feature, open Messenger, click on the three dots icon in the top left corner and select the “Contact Request” option.

New Messenger conversation requests don’t appear in your inbox until you reply to someone else. Therefore, this may also lead to confusion about deleting the message (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltec)

find your email

Another feature activated by default on Facebook services, which include Messenger, is the notification system that automatically sends an email for each new unread message on the platform. What many may overlook is that these emails also show the full content of the conversation.

Find Facebook email in your email inbox. If you don’t find any, they may be in the “Social” tab or in the spam message box.

Ask the person to send you a copy of the messages

If you accidentally deleted a conversation in Messenger, you can try to retrieve the content with the person you were talking to.

It is important to note that this is possible only if, at the time of deleting the message, you did not select the option “Delete for all”. Otherwise, neither you nor the other person will be able to retrieve the conversation.

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Request a copy of messages from Facebook

A long way to recover deleted messages from Messenger is to request sending conversations directly from Facebook.

1. Open Facebook ( and click on the arrow in the top right corner of the screen. Then go to “Settings & Privacy” and select “Settings”.

To request a backup, go directly to the Facebook website, not Messenger. Then open profile settings (screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

2. From the menu on the left, click on “Your Facebook Info” and select “View” from the “Download Your Info” option.

Items are saved in a zip file. You will be notified by email when all information is compressed (Screenshot: Cayo Carvalho / Canaltec)

3. The social network will show you a page with everything you can download – from posts and stories to photos, videos and comments. Don’t forget to check the “Messages” option. Now, just choose “Create File” and that’s it.

You can save not only Messenger conversations, but basically all of your Facebook activity history (Screenshot: Cayo Carvalho / Canaltec)

Facebook will create a ZIP file of all your Messenger conversations. Note that this process may take some time depending on the number of messages, and that the content will be sent to the main email registered on the platform.

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