How to send them a message on WhatsApp without saving the WhatsApp number?

How to send them a message on WhatsApp without saving the WhatsApp number?

If we want to send message to someone on WhatsApp then we have to first save their number and only then we can send the message.

But we don’t want to save everyone’s number. For example if you are now shopping for something or sending a document their number is often not needed.

Even though we do not want to save that type of number, if we want to send a message to them, then we can send the message only by saving their number.

But we will see how the message is sent without saving such number.

1. Open Chrome or any web browser on your mobile.

2 the above number and type the number of the person you want to send to the enter number. For example, if the number is +91-9990012345 then type 919990012345.

3 Now press Enter.

4 The screen will have a green button called Message. Press it.

5 will automatically open WhatsApp and go to the page that sends the message to that number.

6 You can also send message using this link.

7You can type a number in reply to the WhatsApp number and send a message.

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