How to send WhatsApp message to your number? Share if you have important information

How to send WhatsApp message to your number?  Share if you have important information

You can send any information, message, photo, video to any other number on WhatsApp. But..your number k.. is the number you are using k how to send a message? Most people don’t know this. But.. whom they can message on their number. If important information can be shared.

For that .. if on pc .. open the browser .. in the address bar you have to type this address In India, however, they have to type 91 number and then their WhatsApp mobile number. WhatsApp will open immediately on mobile. WhatsApp Web opens in a desktop browser. The WhatsApp chat box with your number will open. You can send all your favorite photos, videos, other notes and messages.

Otherwise.. create any dummy group and first add someone.. then you can remove that contact from that group. Even so, owning one is still out of reach for the average person. It can also send important information and photos.

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