How to ship 2021 Free Fire Diamond through “Free Fire” Store without paying money

How to ship 2021 Free Fire Diamond through "Free Fire" Store without paying money

We offer you a way to ship Free Fire Gems for 2021, as the Free Fire game is one of the most famous Battle Royal games, and as all games depend on a virtual currency to buy the game’s objectives. Are and the currency is known as gems. , And many are looking for a way to ship free fire gems for free, and currency is very important, whether it’s for beginners or professionals, it can add-ons and game items such as weapons, outfits for characters, and purchases Are the most important thing with which you can ship the weather.

How to charge free Agni Gems by 2021

The Garina Free Fire game is one of the most famous Battle Royal jungles in the Arab world, which supports all systems such as Android, iPhone, and others, and the game became the most famous as it made it one of the most downloaded games for 2019. Won the award for , The game consists of fifty players scattered around on the game’s map in search of resources and weapons, to kill enemies who intercept them and remain as the last survivors on the island.

And since the game needs to charge the jewels to buy items and add to the game, there are many ways to charge the gems, whether they are free or require credits, and if you can get free fire gems for free If you want the method of charging, then you should follow the following:

  • Using the Google plush store in your phone box, transfer the store to an American account and collect them to take advantage of the point.
  • We count points using applications that award rewards after each download, and we cancel when we enter an installation.
  • We transfer points using the balance of the store card.
  • We are opening offers for free fire gems.
  • We obtain these gems using your balance on Google Play.

Ways to charge gems for free fire

  • Invite one of your friends to the game.
  • Recharge using Google Play Card.
  • Using some trusted websites that offer you Google Play cards in exchange for some simple services, such as watching videos or downloading a specific application.
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