How to tell if your account was one of the 533 million leaked from Facebook

How to tell if your account was one of the 533 million leaked from Facebook

Facebook’s security was broken and personal data once again from 533 million accounts Became available on the internet. Telephone number, email, address and other information Were in the hands of hackers. Although the damage is already done, but it is important to know if your Facebook account is among those who were leaked.

The website “Have I Had a Point?” If your information is leaked then it detects vulnerabilities on social network and informs you. The platform has been updated with data from this latest batch of Facebook.


Easy to check, just Use site And enter all the email addresses you use with the social network. Your login and any other account added on the platform. After that, the website will tell you if those addresses are among the vulnerable.

Then, if any irregularity is found, in the email you receive, you will receive a message advising you to change your password. Through the website you can also find out if your Password leaked in some security breach.

Is your account leaked on Facebook?

But “have I been stopped?” it’s safe? Yes, the site is maintained by Troy Hunt, one of Microsoft’s regional directors in Australia, who specializes security and privacy On the Internet. It is definitely much worse to have your data in the hands of scammers than on a website.

As phones leaked on Facebook, Troy said he was discussing the possibility of adding the number checking feature with other developers. But there is still no confirmation and no date for this to happen.

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This is not the first time this has happened Something like this happens With Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. In 2019, a leak exposed the phones of thousands of Facebook users. The stage at that time ensured that the situation was rectified. The available data is now related to this previous failure.

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“Individuals who create an account with a reputable company like Facebook are relying on their data and Facebook should treat the data with the utmost respect,” said Alon Gall, a security expert who revealed the leaked profile Told.

“Users whose personal information has been leaked are a major breach of trust and should be treated accordingly,” the expert said, adding that from the moment the leak occurs, the person’s data will be available on the Internet forever. .

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