How vaccination should be used to return fans to stadiums – Gustavo de Negriero

How vaccination should be used to return fans to stadiums - Gustavo de Negriero

In Brazil, the sport has always been at the forefront of reopening objectives worldwide, especially football. Due to its undisputed relevance in societies, it is, after all, the most popular game on the planet.

Although our country is still in the early stages of vaccination, this process will be fundamental for a comeback, unimaginable in the face of the severity of the epidemic, from the public to the stadium.

This is the current phase of countries that are ahead in terms of vaccination.

FA Cup final to be held in audience


Vaccine passport

It will be implemented United Kingdom a Project that envisages the return of the public Major cultural events including football. Final of Fa cup Is already involved in the project.

The reasoning is simple. There will be one Vaccination Certification “Passport” For fans who will participate in the testing events. To increase safety, they must also have a negative test.

The data obtained in test events will be used to aid in the decision of major reopening in other economic sectors. The number of viewers will be allowed in the first stages of the project.


In the United Kingdom, some parties and social institutions are against the initiative because it represents a type of “social isolation”Given that not every population will have equal rights. Despite protests, the project should materialize.

If there is a way for the public to return to the stadiums in Brazil, it will certainly pass through the issue of vaccination and extensive testing. It is too early to say whether the British model will be implemented here.

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