How Youtuber Jake Paul Became the Organization’s Number One Enemy

How Youtuber Jake Paul Became the Organization's Number One Enemy

Loudmouth has always been very welcomed at the UFC, but if it is a person outside the “family”, the situation becomes even more complicated. This is the case of YouTuber Jake Paul, who is giving more and more headaches to the world’s main MMA organization. The more he talks, the more people involved in the ultimate become tense. Last Saturday (24), a fight almost turned into a fight.

Jake Paul competed in UFC 261, having three contests for the belt and held in Jacksonville, USA. In the bleachers, there was a very harsh reception from the public, who shouted “f … if Jake”. At one point, former organization champion Daniel Cormier, who now works as a commentator, picked up from where he was and went to discuss with youtuber.

“This guy was abusive and spoke in a way that wouldn’t speak to my face. I couldn’t handle it. I was sitting at the table, and someone told me that Jake Paul was there. When I look back, it was him. . Making faces and waving at me. This guy is so ridiculous that I need to talk, “Cormier explained.

Friction between Cormier and Paul began after former UFC fighter Ben Escrain was dismissed in a boxing match. In his podcast, Cormier regretted the result and asked some professional athlete to knock Paul out.

“This guy asks to put his name out of my mouth, but wait a minute. You put my name in your mouth first. You talked with Ariel about my podcast. So, don’t come here to talk That’s how I talked. ” About you. “, Paul protested after a disagreement at UFC 261.

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Paul’s victory over Oscar did not just bother Cormier. Many other fighters undergoing the UFC complained of youtuber’s provocative stance. Without a fight since 2018, waiter Belfort used social media to challenge Paul.

“Jake Paul, if you refuse to fight me, who is twice your age, then you are the real sissy. Don’t look for easy opponents with your team,” Brazil said.

More restrained, Anderson Silva asked youtubers to honor the game. “There are millions of boxing fighters who made history, died while practicing the game. I don’t think any fighter who fought MMA, like me, or any guy who didn’t fight anything and started training , Can get into the game and do some things. You have an honor. You have a tradition. You have to respect those who are there. As soon as I think, “he said” Egg Fight “.

Jake Paul tells Dana White to pay his fighters better

UFC athletes are not the only people who have been involved in a discussion with Jake Paul. The way Youtuber has recently attacked Dana White, the organization’s president handles his athletes’ payments. Quoting John Jones, who is still negotiating the values ​​of his next fight, Paul asks White to give the fighters a respectful treatment.

Dana White, President Do UFC

Image: Jeff Zelewanski / Getty Images

“I was in my third fight and I made more money than any fighter in UFC history. Maybe it’s time to pay a fair amount to your fight. No wonder everybody wants to go into boxing. Dana, you say Is that you fight. Fans want to watch, so go ahead and do it. [Jon] Jones x [Francis] Nganou. Pay the appropriate amount for them. $ 10 million grant, plus pay-per-view. Why do UFC fighters earn less than boxers? Why did UFC fighters make more money in my third fight (except Khabib and Conor) than they did in history? “Asked Jake Paul. The win over Ben Eskiren earned you US $ 690 (R $ 3.8 million).

Dana has not yet responded to Jake Paul, but has attacked youtuber on other occasions. Last December, the chairman of the UFC told “TMZ” that he was considering letting Amanda Nunes “get this man out”.

Jake Paul still has no rival for his fourth boxing match. But the more he talks, the more the UFC gets annoyed and the more potential rivals appear.

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