“I won’t hunt like I used to”

"I won't hunt like I used to"

Ilot in a Juncos car in 2021

Photo: IndyCar / Grand Prix

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After spending years chasing opportunities in Formula 1, the big career opportunity for Callum Ilot in a major category came at IndyCar. The Englishman did some racing in 2021 and convinced Junkos to sign him as the team’s single-car driver for the entire 2022 season. big prizeIn this book, Ilot reveals how the perspective is in relation to life in the American range or looking for a place on the other side of the Atlantic.

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According to Ilot, it’s time to create a new story that has a chance to bear fruit. Formula 1 is not ruled out of course, but only if the probability arises systematically. Alone, Ilot is tired of the vacancy of the victim. It is a part of his career that he likes to see past even from afar.

“I would say I’ve spent the last four or five years preparing to come here, living in Italy, even more so. I’m going to change history for a year, and if it’s a good story, I’ll go with it. Where I love working and can be successful, I will stick with it,” he added GP,

Callum Ilot will run throughout the Indy season (Photo: Alfa Romeo)

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“If it’s another story that comes up, I’ll have to watch. I’m not going to chase a chance, but if something comes up, it’s impossible to pretend I didn’t see it,” he continued . ,

“What I tried last year and this year will not be the same. Not for me, but because I am in the United States and I have to look here, there is no way around it. But if an opportunity appeared in 2023 Yes, I have to evaluate it”, he concluded. Ilot, who was runner-up in F2 in 2020 and has spent the last three years as an Alfa Romeo test driver, is also linked to Ferrari in the F1 structure and was even far away from a spot on the grid. .

The official opening of the 2022 IndyCar season is scheduled for February 27 with the St. Petersburg GP in Florida.

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