Ibovespa up nearly 2% as NY and commodities improve

Ibovespa up nearly 2% as NY and commodities improve

Ibovespa accelerated its uptrend, after recently defending the 105,000-mark, opening at 103,109.94, while the futures index is already defending the 105,000-mark. Getting closer (Credit: Pixabay)

Ibovespa has accelerated its uptrend, having already defended the 105,000-mark after opening recently at 103,109.94, while the futures index is already up around 106,000 points. The increase here is higher than the increase seen in New York, where the maximum is around 0.70%. According to Rafael Germano, an equity expert at Blue3, one of the factors behind Ibovespa’s appreciation is the valuation level “which is very attractive.” Shares started rising after volatility in New York.

In addition, Germano says, signs of a decrease in the number of cases of COVID-19 in China also boost commodities and, consequently, the Bovespa index. “With the hope of reopening there, there are also growth projections, which affect the world, as the country is one of the main drivers of the world. As our stock exchange has a lot of links with China, it helps”, he says. According to him, despite high inflation here and in the US, part of it has already been priced.

, Fuel high again in transport group at IPCA

At 11:07 am Ibovespa rose 2.04% to 105,212.64 points, up 1.98% to 105,147.82. Petrobras was up about 4% and Vale, about 5%.

Today, inflation data for April and April in Brazil and the United States were released, which exceeded expectations. However, Eduardo Cubas, a Manchester teammate, believes that, for him, there were no surprises at the IPCA, and that the data reinforces the Celik expectation, ending at 13.25% per year. Today it is 12.75%.

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In the US, a higher-than-expected CPI reinforces expectations of the Fed being more aggressive in conducting monetary policy. “This only reinforces that the Fed will not be able to avoid a 0.75 percent increase at some point; at the last meeting, the interest rate increased by half a point”, says Jefferson Latus, chief strategist at Grupo Latas.

Commodities have increased based on data showing a decline in the number of cases of people infected with the coronavirus in China. Oil still advanced around 2% due to dollar weakness. Iron ore, on the other hand, closed nearly 5% at US$133.12 a tonne in the Chinese port of Qingdao, encouraging activities related to the sector. At 11:19 am, Vale ON increased by about 5% and Petrobras between 3.73% (PN) and 4.50% (ON).

In addition, the possibility that the government reverses the decision to reduce the steel import rate, as Latus noted, helps in the recovery of the sector’s papers. The decision should be taken today itself.

Facing an uncertain world scenario, Latus assesses that the growth in Ibovespa also reflects an attempt to recover from recent losses after four consecutive trading sessions. “A recovery is natural.”

Corporate news also affects business. For example, Azul reported that demand grew 84% in April compared to the same month in 2021. The airline’s shares rose nearly 3.50%. Petrobras has already finalized the sale of onshore areas in Bahia. The state-owned company also reported that it completed the sale of a property in the Potiguar Basin for US$750,000.

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Here, after the close of the markets, a series of balance sheets of Brascam, JBS, Ultrapar and Banco do Brasil are still exposed.

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